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eBook Dynasty: Recipient of Victoria's Multicultural Award for Excellence (Australia)

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Bellydance Basics: Pure and Simple
Author: Atéa
Chinese Translator: Christine Yunn-Yu Sun
Publisher: eBook Dynasty
Publishing Date: August 2020
Languages: Traditional Chinese (TC), Simplified Chinese (SC)
Chinese eBook Formats: ePUB, PDF
Chinese eBook Price: US$8.99
Traditional Chinese eBook ISBN: 9781925462647
Simplified Chinese Chinese eBook ISBN: Forthcoming
Chinese Print Book Format: Color Paperback Perfect Binding
Traditional Chinese Print Book ISBN: 9781925462630
Simplified Chinese Print Book ISBN: Forthcoming
Chinese Print Book Price: US$14.99, Contact Us for postage
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About This Book:

Bellydance Basics: Pure and Simple is a comprehensive yet concise ebook introducing the fundamentals of bellydancing with easy-to-understand text and video instruction, Quick Study Guides, photos, and music samples. Learn the dance steps and techniques that are the foundation of all traditional and modern bellydance styles.

Bellydance Basics: Pure and Simple is a well-rounded overview of this healthy, captivating art form that is renowned for its wonderful exercise benefits. The author Atéa produced the Bellydance! Magical Motion video/DVD series and is a pioneer in bellydancing video instruction. She is known for her effective and innovative teaching methods for learning how to bellydance. This eBook includes:

  • Instruction of the "Basic 12" Foundation Moves, related steps, and Essential Techniques
  • Video instruction and performances
  • Quick Study Guides for easy reference to fundamental steps and techniques
  • Tips on preparing, practicing, and mastering the dance
  • How to dance with veils
  • Basic finger cymbal techniques
  • Audio samples of bellydancing music
  • Summary of major bellydance styles
  • Tips to optimize your fitness potential

Your device must connect to the Internet to access video and audio content of this eBook. For those readers interested in purchasing the print edition, URLs are provided for they to access the video and audio materials online, or they can also purchase an ebook to enjoy the convenient connection to the Internet.

If you would like a dance exercise that is fun and an effective way to work out, or if you just enjoy moving to music, try bellydancing. Its moves are natural and intuitive and the music is mesmerizing. It balances your mind, strengthens your body, raises your spirit, and reveals your inner goddess. Whether you are a beginner student or seasoned dancer, let Atéa's bellydance instruction help you experience this beautifully holistic approach to fitness and well-being.

About This Author:

Atéa has dedicated her career to performing and teaching bellydance as a classic and holistic art form. She is the producer and instructor of the Magical Motion™ video/DVD collection, a bestselling bellydance instruction series. Her videos were among the very first bellydancing instruction videos to achieve national and international success and helped contribute to the worldwide renaissance we see in bellydancing today. ... More

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eBook Dynasty: Recipient of Victoria's Multicultural Award for Excellence (Australia)

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