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eBook Dynasty welcomes all English authors who are interested in promoting their writings to the Chinese world.

Here at eBook Dynasty, our long-term goal is to help the best literary voices reach across all linguistic and cultural boundaries.


eBook Dynasty's Chinese eBook Formats

Here at eBook Dynasty, all our Chinese ebooks are published in three formats: MOBI, ePUB and PDF. Exceptions include those bilingual (Chinese and English) ebooks and those Chinese ebooks requiring a considerable amount of tables and graphics.



eBook Dynasty's Chinese Print Book Formats [New]

Starting from November 2014, eBook Dynasty has been providing print book publishing service to authors worldwide. Since November 2017, we have been collaborating with IngramSpark (print-on-demand, or POD). All our Chinese print books are distributed via the Ingram Content Group's Global Distribution Partners, including well-known retailers and wholesalers across North America, United Kingdom/Europe, and Australia & New Zealand. POD means a book will be printed only after a reader has purchased it. This service not only saves costs in printing and storage, but also meets the demands of both authors and readers.



eBook Dynasty's Professional Publishing [New]

If you would like to work with eBook Dynasty to translate, publish and promote your writing as Chinese ebooks and/or print books, please Contact Us. Note that we only accept manuscript submissions in May and November each year. Please submit a sample chapter, together with a brief author biography and book introduction, so that we can get to know a bit about you and your writing style. We will respond within 24 hours to discuss further details.

Once you have approved and signed a publishing agreement, we can commence the process of translating, publishing and promoting your writing as a Chinese ebook and/or print book to the Chinese World. Please see details of this process below. (For children's books, graphic novels, books of poetry and other titles with a small word count, please Contact Us for special deals.)




How to Publish with eBook Dynasty [New]

In the beginning of each FINANCIAL QUARTER (January, April, July and October), eBook Dynasty will provide a sales report that details how many sales your Chinese ebook and/or print book has made throughout the previous quarter. Your royalty payment will be made QUARTERLY to your PayPal account. (For information on how to register and use PayPal, please see their website.)

Please note that the more copies of your Chinese ebook and/or print books are sold, the more royalties you will receive. More importantly, all subsidiary rights to your Chinese ebook and/or print book will remain with you. All you need to do is to receive your sales report and royalties each quarter.

The table below explains how we calculate author royalties:




Why Professionalism and Quality Matter [New]

As an author, you have worked hard writing your book. You have paid good money for professional cover design and editing. Whether it is newly written or a title from the past, you want to have your book professionally presented to readers.

Which is why professionalism and quality matter in finding a publisher to translate, publish and promote your book to a foreign market, in this case the Chinese World. First, you need an experienced translator to convey your literary voice accurately, fluently and gracefully. Also, you need someone who understands the trends and etiquettes of marketing in the Chinese World. Most importantly, you need a real, capable and caring person to look after you and your book.

In this regard, eBook Dynasty stands proud and tall among those so-called publishers whose cheap and even free services are based on the use of Google Translate and amateur/voluntary translators. We take pride in taking care of our authors, starting from answering your questions and inviting your involvement in our translation, publishing and promotional process. In short, we work side by side with you all the way and do our best to meet your needs.

Here at eBook Dynasty, you are never just a customer on the other side of a contract -- or worse, a guinea pig that someone practices on to improve their own skills. Instead, you are our valued client. You are our friend. Most importantly, you are an author who deserves proper respect.



eBook Dynasty's Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

As you decide to publish with eBook Dynasty and have your book translated, published and promoted as a Chinese ebook and/or print book, all subsidiary rights will still remain with you.

Until our official launch of a Chinese ebook format that reaches across all platforms, all Chinese ebooks published and promoted by eBook Dynasty are in encrypted PDF format. A limited number of digital rights management (DRM) mechanism are applied to the files to prevent them from being modified or duplicated.

Having paid for a copy of a Chinese ebook, the reader will receive, via their email address, a "personalised" copy, with their personal details embedded in the file. Such "personalisation" aims to encourage a sense of ownership, while preventing the Chinese ebook from being illegally duplicated and/or distributed.

Having purchased and received the Chinese ebook, the reader can read it using relevant software. Apart from the "personalisation" process mentioned before, the use of a limited number of DRM will help prevent the Chinese ebook from being modified or duplicated.


eBook Dynasty: Recipient of Victoria's Multicultural Award for Excellence (Australia)
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