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eBOOK DYNASTY: FICTION: Historical: Rebel Girl

Rebel Girl

Author: Ann Clancy
Translator: Christine Sun
Publisher: Taiwan.com.au Portal / eBook Dynasty
Publishing Date: February 2012
Formats: MOBI, ePUB, PDF (H: horizontal)
Languages: Traditional Chinese (TC), Simplified Chinese (SC)
Price: US$7.00
Formats / Languages

About This Book:

Crushed at Culloden, driven from their Highland crofts and transported to Australia... the Douglas family is no stranger to injustice. The Encounter Bay Whaling Station, on the wild, windswept southern coast of Australia, is at the very edge of civilization. But at least Bonnie Douglas and her father have their freedom -- until Sergeant Rowan Elliott arrives.

Bonnie's father is accused of murder and she is driven to bushranging, fighting injustice and taunting the troopers with her rebel song. She is pursued relentlessly by Sergeant Elliott, across trackless lands, to places where no white woman has been before.

But beneath the fury and the hurt, alongside her determination to right injustice, and as an undercurrent to every vengeful thought she has had about Rowan Elliott, there lies an attraction that can no longer be denied.

Rebel Girl is a breathtaking story set in Australia's turbulent past, and Bonnie Douglas, another unforgettable Australian heroine.

About This Author:

Ann Clancy is a fourth-generation Irish Australian and the winner of a prestigious literary grant. One of Australia's most successful popular fiction authors, her page-turners rivet readers to their seats as they are drawn into the rich imagery of outback Australia in the wild colonial days, when life for women was one long adventure... [more]

Editor's Pick:

The most brilliant characteristic of Bonnie's story is her friendship with the Aborigines in South Australia. Throughout her portrayal of this friendship, author Ann Clancy has gently but consistently criticized the many discriminatory policies held by the colonial government in South Australia against the Aborigines. Her writing provides details of the suspicion, fear and hatred between early European settlers and the Aborigines. But she has also repeatedly emphasized the idea that as long as each side is willing to understand and give, then both can exist in harmony while helping and benefiting each other. While Bonnie has made great contribution to the life of her Aboriginal friends, it is they who have first given her a helping hand.... [more]

Reader Reviews:

  • "A sensational new novel." ~ Steve Whittham, Channel 7 TV
  • "A whale of a tale!" ~ Danny Del Rossi, ABC Radio
  • "Ann Clancy is a writer of some significance now." ~ Philip Satchell, 5AN Radio

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