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"Voices under the Sun" BookTube Series

"Voices under the Sun" BookTube Series promotes independence in PUBLISHING, freedom in WRITING, TRANSLATION across borders, with READING to free the spirit...

Each week, a 20-minute episode is published on YouTube with a specific theme. Following a small sample of a theme song, host Christine Yunn-Yu Sun discusses a range of book titles, topics and trends related to that theme in both Chinese and Western literary worlds.

Christine is a bilingual writer, translator, reader, reviewer, occasional journalist, independent scholar and publisher of digital and print books based in Melbourne, Australia.

Please note: The series is produced in Mandarin. However, English subtitles are provided to help Anglophone readers bridge the Chinese/English cultural and linguistic gap. For people preferring written content, each episode also comes with an English transcript in the form of a zine (24 pages, A6 size).

Below is a list of all the episodes published so far:

Episode #5 "Perception": Zhang Yimou's movie Hero changes our perception of China's first emperor. A discussion of four Australian books depicting the same historical figure shows how storytellers can shape our response to characters and plots.
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Episode #4 "Homecoming Part Two": From Chinese song "When Will You Return?" to "homecoming" in Crazy Rich Asians, Top End Wedding, 'Salem's Lot and It, and in Australian authors Rosalie Ham's The Dressmaker and Saroo Brierley's A Long Way Home.
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Episode #3 "Homecoming": From a song at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest to four Chinese classic and contemporary poems, and then to Chinese Australian authors James Chang and Julie T. Hsia, and finally to Li Cunxin's Mao's Last Danger.
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Episode #2 "Matches": From an Australian exhibition on the evolution of a matchbox design, to film script Red Dust and fairy tale "The little Match Girl", and finally to Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.
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Episode #1 "Wandering": From the English edition of Stories of the Sahara, to a famous resignation letter, to Chinese blockbuster The Wandering Earth and the question "what is Chinese-style sci-fi?" and finally to Pearl S. Buck's The Good Earth.
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